Nanzhila's Birding Big Day!

For years people have been growing their birding lists in the Southern Kafue – this year, you can do that and stand a chance to win!

Sometimes safari camps look like they all offer the same activities in the same way – wouldn’t it be nice to find an exciting, responsible way to enjoy the bush, good company and healthy, fun competition at the same time? After years of playing host to some of the world’s keenest birders, Nanzhila Plains is offering something totally different!

2 teams of 4 birders each are invited to participate in our first ever Birding Big Day in November 2018! The Nanzhila Birding Big Day is happening in conjunction with the Kafue Birding Big Day but for the 8 birders that come to Nanzhila, they are also going to be participating in the Nanzhila Birding Big Day!  

What species can you expect to see

The wide open plains and scattered miombo woodlands of the Southern Kafue are home to incredible species diversity and it is not uncommon to be enjoying breakfast on the Nanzhila deck with wattled crane, saddle-billed stork and pygmy geese on the dambo behind you. The miombo woodlands are home to completely different species but racket-tailed rollers and violet backed starlings are common. Of course the flagship species of Nanzhila Plains will be the endemic black-cheeked lovebird and the possibility of adding a pennant-winged nightjar on the evening drive!

Regardless of your level of birding, this is an awesome opportunity to grow your list and find out if you have and your team have what it takes to be crowned “BIRDING KNIGHTS OF NANZHILA" 2018 and WIN A 3 NIGHT STAY IN 2019?

The aim of the Birding Big Day

The aim of the Birding Big Day is to raise awareness for just how special Kafue National Park is and encourage further wildlife and birding enthusiasts to visit this incredible park.

How to join

To take part, you need to join or make up a team and there are 2 teams of 4 available at Nanzhila Plains from the 9th – 12th November 2018.

What does the package include

The package will include 3 nights accommodation, all meals, 2 game drives and 2 birding walks and laundry.

Book a team now to make sure you are part of this historical event