Why visit Kafue National Park?

The park is also a twitcher's paradise! Be sure to spot the rare Black-Cheeked Lovebird, a near endemic abundant in the Nanzhila Plain area, which attracts birders from all over the world. 

The north of the park is dominated by the Busanga Plains and the Miombo woodland that surrounds them. During the summer months, the Busanga Plains turn into a vast, flat, watery wilderness, dotted with termite mounds propped up by palm trees and fig trees.

During winter, the water recedes, revealing lush grassland that provides excellent grazing for plains game.

The Nanzhila Plains in the far south are characterised by Miombo and Kalahari woodland, interspersed with dambos and grassy plains. Game-watching is easy here, thanks to wide open spaces and good visibility. 


Wondering how to get to Kafue National Park