In memory of a friend of Nanzhila

Earlier this year, the Nanzhila community (and indeed the greater Kafue National Park community) were deeply saddened to hear of the passing of Peter Moss. He was instrumental in helping us set up our online guidebook  and was a great supporter of the whole of the Kafue. Barely a week would go by before Peter was back on email or Skype with introductions or ideas to encourage people to visit the Kafue and his support is greatly missed.

Together with help from Steve Adams of the, we have erected a memorial bench at Nanzhila in memory of Peter and herewith a few pics and words from Steve Smith – the owner of Nanzhila about Peter:

“Peter Moss was a close personal friend of ours and Nanzhila. He dedicated a large part of his life to the conservation, preservation and promotion of the Kafue National Park and all of us who live and work here today owe him a great debt of gratitude. He undoubtedly was the most knowledge person on the Park’s fauna and flora and was responsible for at least two of the Park Management Plans, the Business Plan and the book “A Visitors Guide to the Kafue National Park.” He had a great love for the southern Kafue and in particular the Nanzhila Plains that we shared together. His knowledge, guidance and friendship are sorely missed.” – Steve & Cindy Smith

Steve Adams ( who co-sponsored the memorial bench (with Nanzhila)  and Cindy, and Sport Beattie and Clive Dickinson of Game Rangers International.

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  1. Dear Steve & Cindy,
    It has saddened me deeply to hear the news that Peter has passed away. I recall a conversation around the fire with him one night at Nanzhila & its a memory I will have to cherish.
    My time at Nanzhila & subsequent email conversations with Peter have inspired a deep love of the KNP. I will be leading a tour through KNP in 2019, the beginning of many & I would like to know how I can assist or contribute to the KNP as a whole. I would also like to get my clients involved with donations to whatever part of the KNP you would advise.
    I look forward to hearing from you.
    Kind regards,
    Pierre Pitlo

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