Kafue National Park - Zambia

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Kafue National Park is the largest national park in Zambia and the 5th largest in the world, covering an area of 22500km². Gazetted in the 1950s during colonial rule, it is also the oldest national park in Zambia.

The park gets its name from the Kafue River, which flows through it in the north, down to the eastern boundary, and flowing into Lake Itezhi-Tezhi before flowing eastwards through the Kafue Flats to the Zambezi.

Most of the park lies between 1 050 and 1 100m above sea level, in an area of moderate rainfall, moderate temperatures and low humidity, making it an ideal park to visit. It is a huge, unspoilt, unfenced wilderness, home to 160 mammal species and over 500 bird species.

Despite its proximity to Lusaka and the Copperbelt region, the park remains undeveloped, save for a few lodges.


"Welcome to Nanzhila Plains Safari Camp, gateway to the Kafue National Park from the south"

Nanzhila Plains Safari Camp is a must for those intrepid travellers wishing to experience life off the beaten track.

Located in the far south of the largely undeveloped and pristine Kafue National Park, this intimate 12-bed lodge is in the very heart of the African bush and is the ideal spot for viewing the incredible diversity of wildlife that call the Park home.

Whether it be watching elephant drinking from dambos, cheetah scanning the plain or the rare Black-cheeked Lovebird, endemic to this part of Zambia, you'll enjoy an African idyll second to none.

Being the most southerly of the parks lodges and the closest in proximity to Livingstone and the Victoria Falls, Nanzhila Plains Safari Camp is the ideal first (or last!) stop on your Zambian safari adventure. The park entrance is a comfortable 3 hour drive from Livingstone and for those who wish to fly, Ngoma air-strip is only a one hour charter flight away from either Livingstone or Lusaka.

Within the Park take advantage of the varied activities on offer, be it wildlife viewing by day or night, by custom built safari vehicle, on foot or simply relaxing and enjoying the lodge facilities, the park will reveal its extraordinary diversity of landscape and their many inhabitants.